Joggo App Review: What Vanessa Thinks of Joggo

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I can’t hire a personal trainer, but Joggo acts sort of like that personal trainer

Vanessa Speigle (Using Joggo for a few months)

Joggo: Could tell us a little bit about yourself?

Vanessa: So, my name is Vanessa and I live in the United States. I have been on a journey for about 2 years, trying to get healthy, lose weight and currently my goal is to run a half-marathon in the Spring. I am training to see if I can get to that point. I came across Joggo and I really like the program. I like how it gave me a step-by-step process, so I started using Joggo, and it’s been really great. I feel like I’m improving, I’m meeting a lot of my health goals as I feel like I’m progressing. I’ve changed the way I eat, tried to focus more on healthy eating. They call it intuitive eating, where you eat when you’re hungry and not just because it’s that time of a day. So it’s been quite the journey, but so far it’s successful. 

J: I’m really happy to hear that. I’m on a similar journey myself, I’ve been running for 2 years. I used to hate it and thought it’s the most boring thing anyone could ever do, on like the 6th try I broke through a wall, and enjoyed it. How was it for you, did you enjoy it instantly?

V: (laughs) No! I think it was a bit the same as you. I ran track in high-school and college and then got away from it, and had life, you know… I wouldn’t say it was my favorite sport by any stretch of the imagination, but I did do it when I was younger… Running seems to be a way to exercise your whole body. I was lifting weights last year, go to the Y lift weights and stuff, but it was always just like a portion of my body. And running sort of hits all parts of your body, so I decided maybe it’d more holistic for me, and maybe I should add that to the repertoire of things that I do to try and get healthy. 

And I do, I enjoy it… well, honestly if I were to just go out there and run, I don’t think I would enjoy it at all, but I like the Joggo setup, because you have your warm-up exercises which is also, I’ve learned, is very very important and then you have a variety. So: some days I’m sprinting, some days I’m jogging, some days I’m running long distances. It keeps it interesting you know. If I was just out there running a track I think I’d give it up, but now I look forward to it – “Oh, what’s today?” it gives me something to look forward to. But I’m not fast, I’ll be honest I’m not fast at all, but I am working on it!

J: I couldn’t have written a better answer myself. And the app is geared towards beginner runners. How about the mental side of it? I don’t want to put thoughts into your head, but I for example run more because it cleans my head rather for the being lean part of it.

V: Yeah, I think I would agree. When I am out running, I listen to my favorite music, which has a lot of good messages, I use that time to focus on just gathering my thoughts, getting ready for the day. I work from about 5 in the morning ‘til about 9-10. And then usually I do my Joggo time, and it allows me to separate my work schedule from the rest of my day. And then I hit the shower and just feel great and feel ready for the day. It’s just a great way to start the day, I feel good about myself, knowing “Hey, you do 30-40 minutes of something that is gonna meet your goals” and somedays that’s hard to do, you know and stick with those goals. I like the voice that I hear “Alright, you’re halfway there; Okay, you’re ready for the next step”, and that helps me and keeps me motivated. I watch the time on my watch, and I hear the voice, and I’m like: “OK, 10 more seconds, the voice is coming, we’re gonna stop soon, I can do this, just hang in there”. It helps, I’m not just free running until I’m exhausted, I have a goal, I have a focus, I listen to that voice and it just gets me through the routine. 

J: You actually answered my next question if the app helps to keep you motivated within the run, and to get to the run itself.

V: Yes, definitely the app is very motivational. It allows me to run in increments almost, and my philosophy in life is that you can do anything for a little while. Some people I guess don’t believe it, but I feel that we can do just about anything for a short period of time. So, if I know that my fast run or my fast walk is only 3-5 minutes I can do that. I can convince myself mentally – this is not that bad, 3-5 minutes, you can do this. I find that the app wants to – and this has been my personal choice – for the past 3 assessments the app has moved me up – “Hey, you’re ready for the next level”, and I’m like “No, I’m not”. I will bump myself back down to the lower level. Just because I’m enjoying it, and I’m afraid If I go up higher I may not enjoy it, I’m not quite ready so I keep pushing myself back down to the lower level. But the app is telling me “Hey, you are at that level, you are at that speed that you could go on” and it’s encouraging. It’s like “Oh, I must be doing pretty well, for it to be moving me forward”, so that’s encouraging. And I like that I don’t have to decide for myself: am I ready? Am I not ready? I like that the app says at the assessment “You’re ready for the next level”. It’s nice that I have that choice – do I wanna go to the next level or do I wanna stay at this level. And partly why I keep staying at this level is because of time. Because as we go up in the levels it’s more time requirements, and right now my life is a little bit hectic, getting my kids off to college, which will end at the end of august. So once that comes to an end, I’ll have more time during the day and then I can move on to the next level. 

J: I totally get that you can get into analysis-paralysis thinking of if you’re ready to go harder, and there’s also the fact that even if you had been running for like 2 years, there are still a lot of things that we don’t know, so it’s great to have someone to say: OK, this is a good pace, this is a bad pace, this is a good heart rate to have, this is a bad one. 

V: Right, exactly. I can’t hire a personal trainer, that’s money I just don’t have, but Joggo acts sort of like that personal trainer. It says like: “Hey, you’ve done your job, you’ve reached those goals, let’s push you harder, let’s keep you going”. I definitely use the app as the expert in the area to help me know what to do. 

J: But you have seen a steady increase in your time and stamina, right?

V: Yes, yes I have. I have seen huge improvement, I did actually when it bumped me up a couple of weeks back to that next level, I stayed on that level for a couple weeks. But then I had surgery on my leg, I knew that I couldn’t do rigorous exercise, so I knew I needed to bump back down. Go back to the easier pace. But I could tell as I was moving into that higher level that I ran… I was amazed. Like I said, the last time I ran was high-scool/college, which was a very long time ago. I ran for like 25 minutes nonstop after working with Joggo for like 2 months, going up in the levels and everything. And it said, now you’re gonna run for 15-20 minutes, and I thought I can’t do it, but I gave it a try and I did it, and I was able to do it, and I was like “No way! I can’t believe I can do this! 20-25 minutes without stopping!” And it didn’t even feel like “oh my god, I can’t do this”, I just kept on going until it said “You did it”, and I was like “No way!”.

J: Have you tried any other apps before Joggo?

V: I’ve tried on app that incorporates yoga into training. And it’s one thing I’d like Joggo to do – to incorporate strength training into exercises. I know there are some, like Thursdays are my strength training days, but I only work with my body weight on those, which is good, a good place to start. But you know, the doctor says “You need to be lifting weights, to keep your bones strong”. So that’d be the only thing that I’d say I would use the other app for, I currentlyt use both. So Joggo I do 4 days a week, and the other app I do 3, because then I get the 3 days I need to be lifting weights and doing what I need to do to keep myself in the right place. 

J: Do you have a favorite feature on the app?

V: Let me think. I think the most user-friendly thing that I like about it is how it breaks up my daily workout. We have our warmup, then we have our workout and then we have our cool down, maybe some stretching, things like that. And I like that because there are some other apps out there that I’ve looked at, and it’s like: “OK, go run for 20 minutes”, and then I have to think of my own exercises, my own stretches. And so I really do, I like how Joggo breaks all of that down into everything that needs to be included. It feels like I’m getting a complete workout. 

If there are people deciding what should I do? I would recommend Joggo. In fact I got my daughter and my son, they’re both on Joggo because of my experience. I’m like “You guys need to do this” 

J: One last question then, what’s your sales pitch? How do you sell Joggo?

V: (laughs) Well, so my son likes to run, but he’s like not sure what to do and it’s boring just to go running, so I told him exactly what I told you! The app, it has your warm ups, your workout, it’s got your cool down it has everything you need to get a complete workout, and you need to give it a try.

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