Joggo App Review: Tim Enjoys Running with Joggo

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I was not a runner. I haven’t been a runner, and now I am. It’s a progression. The app will get you running”

Tim Gilchrist (Using Joggo for a few months)

Joggo: When did you start running and why did you start running?

Tim: So I started in the middle of February, so we’re about 6 months into this. It was the winter and I just wanted to find something to do. I was motivated to lose weight and I came across the app. And I just started at the beginning. I was a former athlete in high-school and college and then had kids and kind of got away from taking care of myself. 

So in February I was just… – my brother’s getting married in October, which is 10 months away, and I’d just like to look good in the wedding photos. Started with Joggo on the very first level, just started with walking and slowly progressed and stuck with it.

J: Where are you right now in the process, have you noticed any improvement? 

T: Yeah, of course I am running now. I’m at the level 8 right now. So that is running pretty much every work-out. It’s usually on lower end a 30 minute jog, and on assessment runs it’s like 40-45 minutes of running. In the beginning I definitely could not run pretty much at all, it was more of a walk when I first started. Lot of foot pain before the workouts began, and as I progressed… we’re in August now, all of those nagging things that I had before I started with Joggo have all kind of got away. There’s times right now where I run for 30 minutes, and the workout is done, and I feel like I could go for 30 more minutes. So it’s interesting turning into a runner/jogger. ‘Cause I played a lot of sports, but I was never into running, so it’s interesting transforming into that. 

J: Are you already there where you’re enjoying the run itself or just the sense of accomplishment that comes afterwards?

T: I would say both. I do enjoy the run, I look forward to just putting my headphones in and getting it. I do a lot of my runs outside, even in the winter in February I was running in hoodie and sweatpants just getting outside, getting a break from whatever’s going on that day. But also at the end, when I record my results and say if it was easy or difficult I just appreciate that accomplishment. 

J: I was curious, well, you said you wanted to look good for your brother’s wedding. I, myself, I run probably even more so for the mental aspect of it, it clears my head of all the unnecessary thoughts. How about you, why do you mostly run?

T: Oof, health reasons. I have 3 children, and I wanna live a long healthy life, I just turned 40, and was looking for something to kind of jump-start this decade, and definitely the mental clarity and keeping the mind sharp, and exercising the whole body: the mind as well as keeping my heart health up. 

J: A lot of people find it hard to start running, or even continue to run once they had. One of the driving principles for us at Joggo is to keep those beginner runner’s motivated. Do you feel that the app helps you with that?

T: I do appreciate stuff like the halfway prompt during the runs. The voice prompts “you’re halfway there” or “you’re a quarter of the way there” I do appreciate it. In the beginning, I was like “how far have I gone?”, and “how much longer do I have to go”, and that was in the beginning – just getting to the finish line was a big motivation. Having those prompts when you’re halfway there, made me realize “OK, I can get to the end, I can do this”. And just having my notifications on, and having the app ping me “Hey, today’s a workout day”, or “Run like no one’s watching”. That was important, because I think when you’re just getting started it’s easy to be self-conscious, especially if you’re overweight and out of shape, and looking for that little something to keep that carrot in front of ya.

J: Have you already noticed any changes on your body, your energy level, your mental health since you started running with Joggo?

T: Well, I’ve definitely lost weight. I haven’t weight in this summer, I was kind of taking the summer off from the scale, cause I have a scale at school that the kids use, and I’ve been getting on it 2-3 times per week, but said: You know, I’m just gonna keep running through summer, come back after the summer and see what the difference is. But I’ve started to hear friends and family, like, “Wow, I saw a picture of you 6 months ago, and it’s quite the transformation”. Definitely the energy level is up, I’m sleeping better at night. All the things you hear and read about the positive effects of consistent exercise, it’s been great.

J: Have you tried any other apps before Joggo?

T: No, Joggo is my first. I don’t remember what drew me to do it. I know that I was just looking, I was on the Google Play store, I read into it, it looked nice. I think the cost was good, it was cost effective – I joined for like 60$ for the year, and I was like: “You know what, I can invest 60 dollars”. And then it kind of just stuck. It was just like a ball rolling downhill, it gained momentum and now I look forward to those runs and those workouts. 

J: Do you have any specific features of the app that you like the most?

T: I read all the articles on my recovery days. I mainly use all the workouts, I stick with the stretching before and after, I like the strength exercises. I like the free-run feature as well. I also really like the assessments, so I complete the assessment and the following Monday I either get a new level, or the workouts change based on how I did on that assessment run. I really liked that the app worked with what my results were, and what I was putting in on the post-workout little information screen. 

J: Would you recommend Joggo to others?

T: I have already! I have some friends who are runners, and I suggested Joggo for the if their looking for a change, I told them they can set whatever level they’re at right now, and add some variety to their existing workouts. Just recommended it to friends and family who are looking to get started as well. I was 100% sharing it with friends – “give it a try!”.

J: What’s your sales pitch?

T: I was not a runner. I haven’t been a runner, and now I am. It’s a progression. The app will get you running when you are ready. 

Customer name: Tim Gilchrist

Back ground: Tim had been using Joggo for a few months now, has been pretty active with it, and is one of our most enthusiastic users (2-3 runs every week). He did receive a 50$ Amazon gift card as an incentive to talk to us.

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